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Salón de Actos del Rectorado,

Universidad de Alcalá;

Plaza San Diego s/n (28801-Madrid)


Creative writers from the University of East Anglia and promising translators from The University of Alcalá will present us their latest project: Unmasked Writings: Historias Desconfinadas, a collection of short stories (in English and Spanish) that delves into the turmoil of emotions we experienced during the dark 2020. We will have the oportunity to talk to them and debate about...

What is the meaning behind these stories? Did translation help get all these emotions out? How

did authors and translators collaborate to recreate these stories in a different language?

Join us by clicking on the button below!

(Prior registration is needed)

Universidad de Alcalá



19:30 (C.E.T): Spanish Cocktail

20:30 (C.E.T): End of the event

Plaza San Diego s/n; Alcalá de Henares (28801-Madrid).

The Plan
Cuaderno y una pluma


Presentation of the fanzines

Unmasked Writings: Historias Desconfinadas


It goes without saying but just in case: The whole event will be conducted in English :P

  • The event will start at 18:30 (C.E.T) with a brief presentation of the project and a round table with writers, translators and our special guests.

  • Want to make some friends and maybe good profesional contacts? Stay a bit longer, we will enjoy a special cocktail at 19:30 (C.E.T). 

  • Can't come? No worries, we've got you covered. You can watch the streaming video live!

  • More surprises are yet to come! But we can't tell you now... otherwise, it wouldn't be a surprise...

Special Guests
PNG negro HG.png
PNG negro HG.png

They are Natalia Martín and Beatriz Blanco, two young English teachers born in Alcalá de Henares, who have been sharing their passion for literature since they were even younger.

Although they are not real sisters, their relationship is the definition of family. They worked together on Tinta Digital, a YouTube channel to encourage kids and teens to read more. Eventually, it became an international success after changing the youtube aproach to a yearly literature camp. Besides, they are currently writing the teen saga Los Absolutos, a  series of novels whose first and second volumes have been recently published.

Natalia and Beatriz will share their insights on collaborative writing with us and will comment on the importance of translation for young writers seeking to popularize their work in other countries.

Natalia and Beatriz are the authors of Los Absolutos, a thrilling saga about the adventures of a group of young adults with fairy-tale names, but not so fairy-tale lifes. Divided in two rival gangs, the Poison Devils and the Black Ravens, they will start a quest to find the verdaksals: objects from old stories that contain very dangerous and magical powers..The second volume: Los Absolutos: El Secreto, is out now!


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